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Young Teens Survial of the Fittest 30 Day Challenge 

Champions are made in the off season! Parents, if you’re looking to give your child that edge they need to succeed in their sport, this is your chance. This 4 week development teen camp I’m running starting July 7th to August 1st is designed to improve your child’s strength and conditioning. Don’t miss out! Only…

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Evolution In Action March 2015

Great work by everyone! We are so happy to be back out side and doing some of our work in the sun!

Evolution Fitness – Expanded

We first started out in a very small office building in July 2013. Within eight short months we grew out of that location into a bigger building and now, one year later, we have expanded our new building by double the space to accommodate our clients even greater. We’re so grateful and thank God for…

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60 Day Challenge Wrap Up

The results are in from the 60 Day Challenge are in and we are blown away! Awesome job to every single person that was apart of this contest!

Evolution Fitness 60 Day Challenge from Sampley Brothers on Vimeo.

60 Day Challenge Video

Video of half way through the 60 Day Challenge! Check it out and be a part!

60 Day Challenge Pictures

Great group came out to be part of the 60 Day Challenge!

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